LIGO Discoveries

LIGO Documentary

In September 2015 Les Guthman arrived at the LIGO Louisiana Observatory with the intend to make a documentary movie about the brand-new Advanced LIGO Observatory, which was about to start its first observation run. The day after he arrived, the Advanced LIGO detectors made their very fist observation: GW150914. Les kept the cameras rolling…

The thrilling, award-winning, inside story of the discovery topped NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s list of “The top 20 Scientific Discoveries of the Decade”.  The movie features several researchers from Syracuse University, including Duncan Brown, Alex Nitz, Peter Saulson, as well as Georgia Mansell and Stefan Ballmer.

Syracuse University GW150914 Video

Syracuse University documented the first discovery in this video, which features an interview with the late Syracuse University Professor Joshua Goldberg, who, in 1957, was instrumental in getting the community together to think seriously about gravitational-wave detection.